New website for Ray

Hi Everyone, just wanted to welcome you to my new website. The site will contain info and news on what I am working on , a photo gallery and I will try to maintain an active blog .

Thanks and enjoy the site !!

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  1. fiona duffy Says:

    Hi Ray

    Heres a blast from the past. Decided to google your name when my son Adam took up drums and i remember the drum set in the basement of the shop!!

    Can you tell who it is yet!!

  2. ray Says:

    Hi Fiona, Let me hazard a guess here, If I said say hello to Kitty, Jim, Gerard, Triona and Majella
    would I be on the right track??? Tell Adam I said good luck with the drumming!!!!

  3. Joe Heafner Says:

    Hello Ray!

    I saw the Celtic Woman show in Raleigh, NC during the New Journey tour and got to meet Chloe and Orla after the show. I have a long background in percussion although I didn’t pursue music for a living. Celtic Woman inspired me to take up Irish music and the bodhran in particular. What brand of bodhran do you play and what type of tipper do you recommend? I have a very inexpensive bodhran to train on until I get good enough to have a better quality one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played Dulaman! I’ll definitely catch either the Raleigh, NC or Charlotte, NC show on the next tour!

    Hi Joe,
    How are you doing??
    The Bodhran is made by Seamus o Kane, And the tipper is one I made myself.
    I guess the only way to improve is to keep at it, Practice makes perfect
    and there will come a time when you will naturally move on to a better drum.
    I’ll see you in Raleigh or Charlotte next tour, In the mean time, Take care, Ray.




    Hi Martin,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply!
    I too have very fond memories of the gigs in the Hartcourt with Ray.
    I was very fortunate to be playing with such great players and I learned
    a lot from them all, I was always a fan of Ray and was thrilled to
    be playing with him.
    Glad to have worked with him and maybe some day we’ll do it all again.
    Thank you for your kind words Martin, Ray.

  5. patricia murray Says:

    hi ray its your cousin patricia from canada rafe and marions daughter. the celtic women were on the tv the other night and my daughter and i tatum watched it fabulous tatum was in awe. i am really sad now that i missed going down to toronto with robin and bill when you were here last. i wont make that mistake again. tatum wants to come along as well.

    love to you


  6. patricia connelly Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy watching you perform. I absolutely LOVE Irish music and was wondering if you had a photo that you could send to me? I think you are incredibly sexy.

    Hi Patricia,
    Thank you for the compliment! You’re very kind.
    I am currently in Taiwan with Riverdance and won’t be home until Christmas so unfortunately
    I don’t have any shots to send right now, Glad you like Irish music, all the best, Ray.

  7. willow Says:

    Good Morning Ray:
    How Fluid. How Powerful - you and your drums!

    For years I was married to a bass player, saw many drummers, and never rally cared to watch - until now. Some play. You and your drums are one.

    I tried your BIO to learn more about you. It would not come up. Will you help?

    Hi Willow,
    Thank you for your kind words!! I must apologise for my lack of info.
    The reason why you couldn’t find it is because I haven’t managed to put any
    information up as yet, Sorry about that! I’l get around to it in the new year.
    I’m out here in Taiwan with Riverdance at the moment, Very busy, Take care, Ray.

  8. Bob Sweeten Says:

    Hello Ray, I’m a big fan of Celtic Woman and just love the way you beat the ’skins’. I know I’m not much of a music critic (just an old cowboy from Texas) but without your percusion work the music on CW wouldn’t be the same. Hugh fan, keep giving us the great beat brother!

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for the compliments, It’s always nice to hear and to know that people enjoy
    what it is we do, I guess we will be down your way some time next year, Until then, all the best, Ray.

  9. Bob Sweeten Says:

    Yes, I think its Austin April 19th. Plan on taking the little lady to see ya’ll. It would be great to meet you, of course I know you guys are real busy and all. Anyway we look forward to hearing ya’ll.

  10. willow Says:

    Thank you Ray,

    It was my first time to write to a Blog - or a strange man, be he star or meteor. I do not know the rules.

    As I entered your site and began to discover I had the feeling of being in an inner sanctum, uninvited, with the bright sky pouring down over a roofless room, diffusing all. Your page is so clean.

    But, here I am because of the sounds of you, your drums and Celtic Women - and because this winter while I am in transition I am bereft of music, cable TV, and my computer. I am living rustically for the moment with only my water colors, my imagination, and occasional use of the library’s computer.

    For years a tale/creation story has been flitting in and out of my mind - sometimes it hovers. As I paint without music, I was thinking of how important and impressive sound is to me, and then, crackling through PBS over an antennae TV I heard the sound of Celtic Women, then the drums, and then you. It was very primal,which is where my tale was taking me.

    I knew then where I was going with it: cross cultural, cross continental, somewhat based on folklore of yours and mine, which is why I was trying to read your BIO.

    The things I want to know have nothing to do with the entertainer, the professional, they are of the gut……..although, I have wondered how you came to be the drummer with Celtic Women and River Dance.

    If, when you are not touring, you are interested in enlightening me, please contact me here through your site or at my email address. Until then, wherever you travel may the wind be at your back and may it be one warmer than the one at mine - “the coldest winter in almost 14 years” - Colorado, early snow, and lots of it.

    Thank you for your music and inspiration. Willow

    Hi Willow, All is well here as much as Christmas will allow it to be by it’s own madness, But isn’t
    that what it’s all about. Joy to all!
    All Artists are the same Willow, That is what makes artists,” Artists”, Inspiration is often questioned as
    we are by our own species built that way, It’s normal to seek , It’s normal to find and then question
    the result…….And then we move on and question it all again! Keep painting, Warm winds for all, Ray.
    P.S The Build up to Riverdance and Celtic Woman is as a result of hard work and association over
    many many years, Nothing comes easy………..It’s good for all of us. Thank you too!

  11. patricia connelly Says:

    Hi Ray and Happy New Year!

    I just watched again (for the millionth time!) Celtic Woman on PBS. I just can’t get enough of the music. It totally lifts my spirits. You and all of the performers are so talented. I would love to see you when you perform in Boston or Manchester N.H. this March. When are you going to update your BIO? Would love to know how old you are, married?????

    Anyway hope your Holidays were joyfull.

    Peace and Love,


    Hi Patricia, A very happy new year to you and yours!
    Me and that Biog I swear, We’ll never get it together, Thank you for your lovely comments!
    and Yes I am married, Glad you love the music so much, See you on the next run, Kind regards, Ray

  12. willow Says:

    Thanks Ray,

    Could you tell me which wood and skin the bodhran drum is made of, if there is any folklore concerning its origin tht I might read, and what sounds of nature inspire you or can be replicated on that drum? Hoping you have the time to respond.

    Happy 2009, Willow

    Hi Willow,
    A very happy new year and it has taken me for ever to return my comments, I hope
    I didn’t keep you waiting and my apologies if I did.
    Generally Bodhrans are made from goat skin and the wood is ash as far as I know.
    Try Irish traditional drumming on line, That might work!!!
    Interesting question too Willow as my self and three others did a drum show called “The Elements”
    in where we depicted all four elements through drumming, Sound of nature on the drums.
    There you go, Take care, Ray.

  13. jo Says:

    Warmest wishes for a prosperous New Year. A little more than an hour remains here of 2008, and I hope 2009 brings you unparalleled success, happiness, and contentment in your professional, as well as, personal life. I first saw you here at the Chicago Theater in April of ‘06. Although I had a ticket that included “meet & greet” after the show, you were not there, only “the girls”. Since then, I’ve gone to four more shows over the years, and hoped to see you, perhaps to get a CD or photo autographed and let you know how much your contribution to Celtic Woman meant to me. You have remained pretty much a mystery. There’s not much of any bio online or links from Celtic Woman. Now, that you have your own website, I can tell you, if not face-to-face, you are one-of-a kind! You have your own, unique style which stirs the soul. Maybe, it’s something primal, but you DO IT and DO IT WELL! All the best to you and yours and see you in Chicago in February.

    Hi Jo,
    A very happy new year to you, So sorry for taking so long to return my comment and
    thank you for those very kind words, I have to get to my Biog very soon, I’ve been very busy.
    I am sorry that I am not at the meet and greets but this is kept for the girls only.
    I guess you are right, Drumming is a primal as it goes so far back.
    I would be very happy to sign anything you want so if we meet in Chicago I will do it then.
    Thank you Jo, All the best, Ray.

  14. Jo Says:

    Hi Ray,
    There’s no need to apologize for any delay. I’m happy & feel lucky to “talk” with you after over 2.5 years of seeing you perform. Actaully, this is probably the worst time, for you, to launch your website. Between the end of “A New Journey” and the beginning of “The Isle of Hope”, working with Riverdance in Taiwan, and the holidays , we are lucky to hear from you, at all. Were you with Riverdance when Michale Flatley was the lead dancer?

    At Christmas, John posted a clip from the Celtic Woman Christmas show which featured you in “Little Drummer Boy”. I thought you might be amused to know that almost immediatley after seeing & hearing that, I heard Bolero on YouTube. Now, because of the similar military cadence measured out on the drums, I think of you when I hear Ravel’s Bolero… and I hear it, often.
    Thank you for making time in your very busy life to include us, your fans. Hopefully this won’t become a drag for you and over time, we’ll learn more about you, your life, and music, and you’ll come to know how much you’re admired by us.
    As the show in Chicago gets closer, maybe we can figure how to have you sign a photo for me. Thanks for the thought.
    Stay safe in your journeys.

  15. Simon McGuire Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Well done on the site… looks great…

  16. Ray Says:

    Hi Jo, And thank you for the post John, Well now……Bolero, I have to take a deep breath on that. Thank you for drawing such a conclusion and one that I would approach with caution as we both know how amazing Ravel as a composer really is, It is lovely to see that tho’ and thank you.

    Indeed not the best time to for a site to start but you gotta start some where and right now I do have time to reply and please bear with me when I don’t, Hopefully I’ll get to it, It’s never a drag!

    It’s just a question of ‘having enough time” You can not expect to set up a site and then not respond. Got to go here, Take care, Ray.

  17. Rainer Says:

    Ray, I just know you will LOVE to see this old clip again! lick here:

    Greetings from Poland!

  18. Christiaan Says:

    HI RAY!!!!!

    im a huge fan of Celtic Woman and im also a drummer im only a young fan (14 years old) but i have alot of passion for the drum set, and the tahitian drums,Toere. When i watch the Celtic woman DVDS and listen to the songs…i envy you. one of my dreams is to meet you…and maybe get some tips on how to drum better….. plus i really want to learn how to play the Bodhran.i just got into the Celtic Scene when i heard orinoco flow…the celtic woman version…then i found out i was a wee bit irish which was cool too. im live in the US, in California, i will be at the Celtic woman show In San Diego on April 29 (MY FIRST CELTIC WOMAN SHOW!!) i cant wait for it!! are you going to be preforming there?? I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont mean to come off as another hounding fan…but if i am i apologize :)

    heres a video of the drumming i do……im the one playing the bongo sounding drums..they are called Fa’atetes

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=AAxzJrIDJcY

    thanks for the inspiration!!!

  19. John Says:

    Hey Ray!

    Been a fan for years and finally saw the Celtic Woman performance in Milwaukee last week! Awesome! As a percussionist myself I have tremendous respect for your versatilty and expertise. I really enjoyed your technique and feel — so tasteful and respectful of the music!!!

    My son…a future percussionist himself was truly inspired too!

    Thanks for sharing your talents and hope to stay in touch!

    Safe travels and enjoy the 2009 tour!!!


  20. Don and Ann Says:

    Hi Ray,
    My wife and I were at the Celtic Woman concert in Louisville, Ky last year and you sent over your drumsticks
    for me. I can’t Thank You enough. I have added them to my Celtic Woman collection of items. Thank You again they are great.

    We have our tickets for this year and are looking forward to another 2 fantastic concerts. We have never been disappointed. We go away wishing it didn’t have to end. Thank You for coming back to Louisville Ky.

    I have had the great honor of emailing with your cousin Robyn in Canada. She is a extremely nice lady. It is also a honor to have her as a member of our celticwomanfansiteforum.

    Congratulation on the new website it looks great. We very much look forward to seeing you as well as all of Celtic Woman at our concert in Louisville.
    God Bless!
    Don and Ann

  21. Maxwell Ratzky Says:

    RAY FEAN. You are my most favorite drummer ever. I can’t wait to see you live at the Greek Theatre in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should put out a solo album one of these days. Just call it, ” FEAN”.


    Max (Number 1 LA fan)

  22. Kevin Says:

    Hi Ray. i went to the isle of hope iat proctors last night and i have to say, i honestly dont know what to say, um lol your drumming honestly in my opinion almost overshadowed the girls singing and i find that to be awe inspiring. i was sitting in the pit in the third row and the way you were using those drums and other instruments. i have never shown such utter passion and emotion in music in my entire life. now im seventeen and i play the guitar and have been for a few years but after seeing what you did and how you did it last night i dont want to play anything accept for the drums. you showed me a new way to rock out and show emotion and you made me FEEL the beat and the FEEL the rhythm in ways i never thiught possible. all i have to say is thank you sooooooo much for doing what you do and for doing it the way you do it.

  23. Alan Kenny Says:

    Hi Ray,

    Long time no see. I don’t know if you remember but I worked for Peter Dee around the time you got your Ayotte drums. I moved to the States seven years ago and lost touch with the music scene back home. I was wondering what you were up to these days. I see you switched back to Pearl. Awesome work with the Celtic Woman show. You are the best drummer to come out of Ireland.

    Take care.

    Alan Kenny.

  24. Lily Says:

    Thank you for adding your discography. After reading it I went back and looked at the credits on so many recordings that have formed the musical score of over a decade of my life and there playing percussion is your name. I am thrilled you included in your bio a nod to Coolfin and East Meets West-brilliant pieces of work I never tire of! For the many hours of enjoyment the music you have been a part of has given me thank you and bless you.

  25. stephanie Says:

    Hello Ray, translate isn’t easy. I believe you understand & speak French… So thank you to read my message. Je suis Bretonne, “the dream”, & la première française sur ce site!!! Tu es le musicien qui m’a appris à connaitre & aimer la musique Celtique, puis Irlandaise. MERCI POUR CE PUR BONHEUR. Je suis heureuse & ravie de ton succès, juste reconnaissance d’un travail si merveilleusement accompli. As tu de nouveaux projets musicaux en Bretagne ou en France? Merci du temps que tu consacres à tes fans. Cela fait de toi un etre adorable, rare & unique! Beaucoup de succès au Schedule Tour. Je souhaite Paix, Harmonie, Bonheur, Amour & Lumière sur toi, ton inspiration, ta musique & ta famille. Toujours en pensée avec toi, particulièrement le dernier jour du prochain mois… Kisses from Brittany. Stephanie

  26. stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,
    I’m Breton and translate isn’t easy for me. So excuse mistakes. Thank you.
    You are the musician who have make me love Celtic and Irish music. Thank you for this Happiness. It’s great and a lot of pleasure to see your success. Do you have new plans in Brittany? Peace and Love on you, your inspiration, music and family….
    Always thinking about you, more particularly the last day next month!
    Kisses from Brittany.

  27. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Ray!

    My husband and I attended our first Celtic Woman concert last night at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. As we were walking to our car, I recognized you standing beside your bus and asked, “Aren’t you a drummer?” I was honored that you took the time to talk to my friend and our husbands for a few minutes. Just to help you remember who we were, she told you, “Our husbands like the girls, but we like the drummers!” The show was awesome! We watched in awe as you constantly moved from one instrument to another. I don’t think I ever saw you still for more than a few seconds! You play with a passion and fluidity that literally moves the audience. I am sure you were exhausted following the show, but appreciate your willingness to chat, which is something we always cherish.

    God bless,


  28. Patti Patten Says:

    Hello Ray,
    I missed you at the FOX in Atlanta this year and I missed you in Florida as well. My brother is the one who lives in the FOX. I hope to catch you at a later date. I just wanted to say I
    think you are so very talented and I also think you are a very kind person. I see where another comment was made by Stephanie about you being kind enough to stop and chat.
    I will also remember the two times I was able to see the show at the Fox and I appreciate your willingness to talk to me as well. You thought I was crazy to drive from Florida to Atlanta but it was worth it. I have even started playing my harp again—well trying to. I am proud of my Irish connection and I always will be!!! Hope you guys get some rest soon.
    I am sure with all the people you see you don’t remember me but thats O.K. Take care and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  29. Brian OConnor Says:

    Greetings from Nyköping Sweden. Great work Ray. Hope to catch up with you later on this year. Brian OC

  30. Bob Says:

    WOW, FANTASTIC show in Austin Texas. Loved the way you beat the skins and can’t wait for the next time yall are down our way. Hope you are well and having a good time on this tour. My little wife was so happy with the show that she wants me to take her to Ireland. AND thanks for playing the two songs I requested (I’m sure they were already on the schedule, but I like to think that yall did that special just for me.) Have a great day and look forward to more fantastic music from CW.

  31. Amy Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I thought you might like to see a couple clips from your old Coolfin days — OK, 11 years isn’t really so long ago… You just look soooo young there — and what a little cutie you were too!!!

    The first is live from RDS in Dublin:

    And the second is at the Irish Meteor Awards:

    Wish I were able to see you on tour this time around, but unfortunately CW isn’t coming anywhere near Iowa this year… I have literally seen every show CW has done in Des Moines and am really disappointed we’re not on the schedule. Maybe next time around, ey?

    Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe… Amy

  32. val Says:

    Hi Ray, it was fantastic to see you agan after all the years, you look good and drumming fantastic as allways, drop me a line when your back in town and we will finish our chat,
    all the best val.

  33. Johnny Dooley Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Tried the email address you gave me with no luck?, email me back when you get the chance


  34. Thomas Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I’m an aspiring drummer in California. My goals as a drummer are to advance my skills and play with groups such as Riverdance, Celtic Woman, and other stage shows as The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, etc. I know those are all big goals because i know the drummer who hold the spots for those gigs are very talented and it is all extremely competative. But I’m doing everything i can to achieve these goals.

    Seeing how your the drummer for many of the groups i’ve dreamed of playing with later in my career, do you have any words of wisdom for me?

    And i know you must have a ridiculously busy schedule, but do you give lessons?

  35. AndrewBoldman Says:

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  36. Ryan Says:

    Hi Ray,
    How do you mount the guitar strap onto your bodhran? Looking forward to seeing you in Cincinnati!

  37. Kelly Brown Says:

    The article is ver good. Write please more

  38. Ger Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Nice web site, Long time no hear. Hope you are doing well in the new homeland. Give me a call.

    By the way U2 Sammy says hello.

    Talk to you soon.

  39. willow Says:

    Hi Ray!
    It is Willow. I’ve been very busy for months - but it looks as if you have been too by date of your last response on your blog. I think you are on tour and soon to be in Colorado at Red Rocks - my stomping grounds during the 70s with music, music, music.

    Since I last wrote, I have been renovating a 130 year old stage coach house to live in and only had time to pop in and out of the library, read your blog once, but no time to reply/request more info.

    BUT I loved it. Synchronicity at work across the gereations, across the big water - from my river to your isle. I am just pleased that you do find time whenever to answer.

    THE ELEMENTS - WHERE AND HOW DO i HEAR IT? I make soap - my name “Native Elements” So, it appears that it was not just the music or your movement as you touch the drums, or your voice, that captivated me, seems they were gateways on my own incredible journey that began long ago and now might come to fruition —and you had a new blog at the time my path was leading me there.

    Thanks about the drum, I can use the ash and goat skin info. I am a little analytical because I was in archaeology, so I must have some facts to sprinkle through my mythical rendition of history - as Willow sees it.

    Oh how I will miss the opportunity to see you at Red Rocks! If on your way to somewhere and by chance you pass through SW Colorado, Anasazi territory, I would love to talk with you - 970-882-7534.

    Until then or another life, a kindred spirit

    Oh, I almost forgot to ask - Would you drum if there was not one to hear? Do you remember the first time and what it was that motivated you?

  40. Lily Says:

    I found a delightful clip of “The Elements” at
    Like Willow I would love to know if there is anyway to see the entire program (live? dvd? )
    I have a 6 year old name sake that would go crazy over it and I know I would enjoy it just as much. Thanks!

  41. Don Parker Says:


    My family and I really enjoyed the Celtic Woman show last April in Pensacola. My youngest daughter Tori (Also a percussionist) didn’t miss a single of your moves during the entire performance. How might I obtain an autographed photo of you for her?

  42. Benny Benson Says:

    Hey Ray,you have always been a major inspiration to me as a drummer. I’ve been in Boston/new York for 20 years now and play every night, time goes by but I feel lucky to be makin’ it groove as it does. You remember me as Paul and my dearly departed brother José had great time for you also. A friend from home sent me your link and it is emotional to me , seing you do so well and inspiring so many while you’re doing it. Would you believe , Sammy is living in the same building as me and he’s crazy as ever. Actually , Sammy visiting at the moment so it’s twice as bad , I live in a place with a whole bunch of great musicians and to see the two Sammys hanging out at one of our late nite post gig sessions is surreal. It makes all of us feel somewhat normal to be in the presence of those two. Sammy jr. is like all three Stooges in One. Anyway , you are the greatest and I look forward to meeting you either in the future or in the pasture, what ever comes first. Best to you and yours. Benny

  43. KonstantinMiller Says:

    How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  44. Craig Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Today I saw your site and I met you at the Helix, July 17 2007 in the lobby during unexpected power failure. Then again at the Greek Theater, May 17, 2008 . Yep it is me:) I still plan to go back Ireland.

  45. Johnnie D Says:

    Hey Ray,

    Great to meet you in Nancy’s last night…Great guy,great drummer…Keep well


  46. Ian Mc Says:

    Hi Ray, great meeting you again in Nancy’s. Sorry we couldn’t have talked longer. I would love to have picked your brain about a few drum related things, but in one way I’m glad you didn’t stay for all of the gig, as my drumming turns to crap anytime you’re near.
    Good luck with everything and I hope our paths cross again soon.
    Ian Mc Namara

  47. Lily Says:

    happy birthday!

  48. willow Says:

    Hi Ray,
    Just checked in to see if you have been around, and saw your birthdate, that is, if it is. Is it Sept 7? weird, if so, another reason my path led to you. I knew someone, born sept 7, 1950 in czechoslavakia, was important. hope you are well and do not know if you are still on tour???willow

  49. Thomas Says:

    I am studying to be a professional drummer, and I am interested in playing the types of gigs you play. I was hoping maybe we could talk, maybe you had some words of wisdom or tips. Hope to talk to you soon.

  50. Stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,
    I imagine that you leave soon to the United States with Celtic Woman.
    I wish you a lot of success, and then with Horslips.
    I would like seeing both brothers playing the music together! One Day, maybe…
    I wish you all the Happiness of the World.
    Peace and Love on you.
    Stéphanie from Brittany

  51. Chris Says:


    I started watching Celtic Woman years ago, and was immediately entranced by your musicianship. Growing up with a brother who plays the drums, percussion has always been in my life somehow. Having absolutely no talent for drums, though, I decided keyboards were better for me ;)

    Two nights ago, I finally, after waiting what seemed like FOREVER, got to see Celtic Woman, and you, LIVE at Akron, Ohio. What an amazing show!! I love the songs like Dulaman where you get showcased because I can just SEE how the music moves you.

    THANK YOU for sharing your gift - it was a dream of mine to see you live, and I am SO happy I got the chance! Here’s hoping that you can come back some day!

    Chris (from Kent, OH)

  52. Barbara England Says:

    I’ve had a couple of opportunities to see you perform at Nashville,Tennessee and Lexington,kentucky. You take my breath away when I see you on TV or live. I would buy meet and greet passes if I could get a chance to meet you. Maybe some day the drummers will be included. Maybe you should insist on this. Anyway stay safe as you travel and may you continue in your success.


  53. Damien Morvan Says:

    Hi Ray !

    Don’t know if you remember me, I was the assistant of the sound engineer in Brittany when you recorded the Guichen Brothers’ album.

    You certainly are the best drummer I’ve ever recorded in my entire career.

    I remember one of your tricks : slices of newspaper inside of the kick drum to control low frequencies. Thanks a lot, it really works great ! But now for my customers, this is my trick !

    I hope we work together again for a next project.

    Greetings from France


    NB : really sorry for my awful english !!!

  54. Nikolas Gilgenast Says:

    Good Evening Sir,

    I am a 12 year beginning percussionist and tympanist. I admire your talent and love watching you perform. The next time you are in the Washington/Richmond/Baltimore area, I would honored if you would please give me the chance to meet you and be able to get some pointers from you!

  55. Sean Lawler Says:

    Hi Ray,
    You won’t remember me but I used to be the manager at The Cresset in Peterborough, UK. You appeared there with No Sweat (late nineties). The gig was superb and your drumming outstanding. I wish all gigs were as good as that. Good luck with the Horslips gigs. Keep control of Johnny and the boys. Pity Eamon won’t be playing, but then you will be!The fans will witness a great gig that’s for sure. Any change of a backstage pass for the Dublin 02 gig? I’m cheeky I know but you don’t get if you don’t ask.



    aka Mad Pat

  56. willow Says:

    Hi Ray - Thinking of your setting up in Albuquerque, NM! - and wondering what that is like. I saw the tour schedule of Celtic Woman for October and November……unbelievable. Now, you are just 280 miles from me and Anasazi Territory, and, still, I cannot go. I will feel it though from here in the Four Corners area. We will be snowed in by tomorrow, possibly two feet. Do not know if you have visited the area before, and if not, I hope you have time to see the cliffs and canyons. And, I could say, I hope you have a full house despite the weather. I think your shows sold out.
    Best, Willow

  57. Cori Davis Says:

    Hello Ray, I am a huge fan of yours and the Celtic Woman group. You are all fantastic, I get on the Celtic woman website a lot, just to see your video! If I would have counted, I must have watched it about… at least more than 20 times! Yeah, I am a fan with a crush (wow that took guts to say!) none of my other friends think so, I feel bad for you sometimes, they all say you’re old! (I don’t!!)
    There’s one question I’ve always wanted to ask you, I would have saved it for if I ever met you, but now I don’t have to!
    ok, so it was about.. the 10th time I saw your video, I didn’t know those Shakers were called “Thingies” ha ha, did I hear that right?
    Well, anyway, I’m not irish myself, but I do love Irish people a lot. Everyone at my school can agree I’m obsessed! I’ve even started learning Irish Gaelic, it’s really fun, but it sure is difficult! I found quite a few great sites, one with lessons, and an Irish dictionary which is good for writing, but has no pronunciation at all.
    I used to want to play drums, I was in percussion for about a semester of my 8th grade year, but I never got to really play real drums… I got stuck with a Xylophone, yay… I was the only one who could get it!
    This is probably the longest message you’ve ever gotten so i’ll stop for now

    Love, Cori


    OK Fean, it is time all of us women heard from you

  59. Myles Says:

    Hi Ray

    Great to get the chance to talk to you last night in Belfast , you played a stormer and Carr is out of a Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you cant do it, I will as we both know all Eamonns licks . ! Honestly thanks for the chat and I told my son Sam (Another left hander !) you were asking for him and we would see you soon .

    In fact i’ll see you again tomorrow night in Dublin for another session , Love the Sword of Light !

    Keep Her Lit .

    Myles , Ann Kate & Sam ( The South Paw !)

  60. Charlie Porr Says:

    Hey Ray,
    Looking forward to seeing you all again in February in NYC. Here’s a question. What make Bodhran do you use? Hope you or anyone else who may know can tell me. Thanks Charlie

  61. Declan Durcan Says:

    Hi Ray - thanks for a fantastic performance on Sat night with Horslips - really enjoyed the show and was delighted when you came on stage as, although I knew Eamon would not be playing I did not realise it would be you drumming. Rock on -
    Declan Durcan, Mayo (lived in Shannon in the mid to late 80’s).

  62. Mary Garcia Says:

    I just saw you on Celtic Woman.You are a fantastic musician and you are absolutley gorgeous. Hope to see more of you .Admiring from afar in Texas.

  63. Lily Says:

    What a busy year for you, Celtic Woman, Horslips and The Lost Steps! I know I speak for all your fans in wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping you get the best of gifts this year-a bit of time to spend with family and friends enjoying the warmth and happiness of the season.

  64. Stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,


    I wish 2010 brings you always more Inspiration and Success in your professional Life,
    more and more Love and Happiness.

    Peace and Love on you.

    Stéphanie from Brittany

    PS: Lily is right. She speaks for all of us fans…

  65. RS Says:

    I want to learn the bodhran but do not know where to buy one. I have enough cash to get a decent one, but I dont know what style or manufacturer. Could you give me some insight on tuneable or not (probably tunable), diameter, cross bar, single bar or none. Any thoughts for purchasing one in the USA?

  66. Suzanne Says:

    Hey Ray - hope all is well with you - in case you don’t remember, I was at the Horslips Concert in Dublin, 12/5/09 - we hung out in the lobby of the hotel the night before where you impressed my husband Jeff…hasn’t stopped talking about you since!! LOL When we got home, we saw you on Celtic Woman…they were showing it on one of the channels here…and I noticed that you are going to be in town in February…perhaps we’ll see you!!

  67. Stéphanie Says:


    Would you stay in Brittany at the moment Ray?


  68. Barbara Says:

    Got my tickets to see RAY in Louisville,Ky. April 2,2010…..woohooo!!!!

  69. Barbara England Says:

    Can hardly wait to see you in April in Louisville,Ky.Counting the days.

  70. Nick Fritz Says:

    Good afternoon Ray,
    Great beats!!! I recommed other bodhran players to check out your stuff. Keep it up.
    So a question, how did you mount the guitar strap onto your bodhran? I’ve watch the Celtic woman show in slow speed and I tried to see how it was attached. It would make it a lot easier to play in a small venue where there isn’t much room. I have kinda search the web to see if there are some pictures, but alas none to be found.
    Could you help?

  71. Stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,

    Enjoy the Tour and stay Safe.
    Affectionate thoughts.

    Stéphanie from Brittany

  72. Chuck Says:

    Hi Ray ,

    It is Not often I find a drumset I can Walk up to and sit down and play . Like you I play Backwards(LEFT HANDED) . I thought it was too cool I find Another Left Handed Drummer like Me and Phil Collins . LOL…LOL… If I could play that well Would I be a Soundman ??? I will be reading more about you so I can get to know you better. As a Sound Company Owner What types of mics do you all use to mic all of the drums ?

    My Background is in Drum & Bugle Corps as well as Going to San Jose State and Getting my BA in Music . I remember all thru School all of my Teachers yelling at me , START WITH THE RIGHT HAND …..LOL…LOL…

    May Your Year Be GREAT …. KEEP THE BEAT …. Was That One or Two ??? LOL

  73. Nicolás Toma Says:

    Hi Ray, nice site of yours.
    Can I ask you, as a percussionist, a question?

    Is there any chance you can publish some pictures on your durms set like what drums you have have and what cymbals you’ve got?


  74. Chuck Says:

    You all want to see REAL Drumming , Go to …..

    Oh Ya , Ray , you play backwards . So there are more than just Me and Phil Collians that play backwards or Lefthanded .. COOL … Ever need a standby drummer let me know .. LOL ..LOL… You do a GREAT Job …

    If your ever out in Calif in the Summer time and there is a DCI Show going on I will take you to see the BEST Drummers in the world for there ages . They are GREAT .

  75. Jo Says:

    BRILLIANT! Saw the show, last Saturday, at the Rosemont Theater, and it was amazing! The acoustics there are outstanding and you could feel the music pulsing in the air. With the lighting, the background, & special effects, the instruments and voices did not lose one ounce of inpact by not being in the Gardens of Powerscourt. Looking at your grueling tour schedule, I don’t know how you keep it fresh & exciting…. a day or two in each place and then, on to the next stop… the wandering musical gypsy. Wish you could stay longer and enjoy some of the great things Chicago has to offer. We all know that you’re an accomplished percussionist/drummer (Is one term more respectful than the other?), but you are a spectacular entertainer, as well. YOU bring a lot of “fun” to the show with your bobbing & weaving from drums to cymbals to shaker to spoons, dueling drums and violin strings. Wish I could have met you after the show, but they cleared the crowds pretty quickly and no one without the meet & greet band was allowed to linger. Maybe next time, I’ll get that autograph. Continued success & happiness and be safe in your travels.

  76. Stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,

    You, your son and all your family are in my heart and in my mind.
    Feel his Love all around you.

    Have a good fly on your way back home.
    I will be in thought with you at Cork, as every day.

    Light and Love on you.

    Stéphanie from Brittany

  77. Maree Says:

    Hello Ray

    Your amazing talent and enthusiasm for the music you play has brightened up the winter days down here in New Zealand.

    We have been watching the videos of Celtic Woman - You all have such an amazing gift of music :)

    The kids have their favourites too:
    Dulaman with Meav particularly (we haven’t had the pleasure of any renditions with Lynn yet), Reels and Mason’s Apron with Mairead and Nicky

    Take care
    Maree from Christchurch, NZ

  78. Joey, Diane, and Jessica Vento Says:

    Hey Ray,
    Congratulations on a fantastic show last Friday at Bethel Woods!!
    My Wife and I and 11 year old Jessica met you in the Woodstock Museum Gift were buying some shirts for an ill friend and you made Jess’s night{apart from also seeing her idol Lisa!!} by signing and drawing in her book!!! She was mesmarized, as we all were and it was a proud pleasure to meet you. I held the shirts as you signed for Jess, which was a big thrill for me too!!! LOL!!! It was a amazing show..Jessica’s first ever and your performance was a huge highlight for all of us. We operate The Haunted Barn Movie Museum here in Monroe, N.Y and it is a collection of 70 years of classic monster movie memorabilia and your always welcome to stop by for a film screening or to relax and have a pint with us the next time you play Bethel!!! Thanks Ray and all the best then!!!
    Joey, Diane and Jessica Vento
    The Haunted Barn Movie Museum
    3 Boyles Court Monroe, N.Y. 10950
    845 825-3867

  79. Stéphanie Says:

    Oh Ray, I am so sorry about my bad English…
    I have just realized my error on the meaning of “to wish”.
    Of course I HOPE you the best in your life, and an amazing
    Summer Tour.

    Excuse my new mistakes, hahaha! oh! sorry!

    God bless

    Stéphanie from Brittany

  80. AmyD Says:

    I honestly believe that Ray has completely forgotten about his blog and he probably never even looks at it let alone answers to his fans. That said, I check on it pretty often to see what’s been posted and I just want you to know that I find your English very good.

    I looked back over your last postings and I have to say you have not misused the verb form of “to wish” at all — “I WISH you the very best” and “I HOPE the best for you” are pretty much the same in meaning. English can be complicated and words often have different meanings depending on the way in which they are used. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on the language and even have good grammar!!!

    I HOPE all your WISHES come true and you have a great year.
    (That goes for you too Ray, just in case you are lurking…)


  81. Marilene Says:

    Hi, Ray

    I have a dvd celtic womann and I saw you as a wiking warrior.
    The sound pleases me very much and the way you do it.
    You have a differential energy.

    success always

    Marilene from Brazil

  82. AmyD Says:

    Hey Ray! I still don’t think you read your blog, but just in case I wanted to thank you so very much for last night in Des Moines, Iowa. Meeting you outside the Civic Center was the highlight of my night, topping the best-ever Celtic Woman show I have seen to date (and I have seen more than a few :) :) :)

    As I told you, I have been following your career for 30+ years now, and I must give you a huge THANK YOU for all the wonderful musicians you have introduced me to by way of performing on their records. By collecting your discography, I have found a wealth of wonderful music from Donal Lunny and Christie Moore to Luka Bloom, Sharon Shannon, Natalie Macmaster and many, many more…

    I’ll be happy to send you a copy of East Meets West (absolutely great dvd — Kodo Drummers of Japan meets Donal Lunny’s Coolfin — what a wonderful mix) if you send me your address. I know you are really busy and any free time you might have is probably spent with your family, however, if you find a minute or two, I would very much love to have a dialog with you via email, so please drop me a line soon…

    Thanks for 30 outstanding years of music — I look forward to 30 more!!!

    Stay Safe,

  83. Stéphanie Says:

    Thank you Amy for your encouraging words has comment of my English,
    and for your wishes.

    You know I don’t wait for Ray’s answer for several months
    BUT I HOPE sincerely that he sometimes looks at if he has postings.

    I read you had the BIG HAPPINESS to meet him in Des Moines, Iowa.
    I am very delighted with it for you.

    Better WISHES for you too.


  84. Maydene Says:

    I LOVE your music and watch your DVDs every single day. I’ll be seeing you this Saturday AND Sunday (Concord and Saratoga). Any way of having you sign my program?? PLEASE!!

  85. AmyD Says:


    Aren’t you the lucky one to have your birthday fall on a National Holiday - and no show tonight either!!! I hope you are had a great time celebrating today. Wish I could be there to see you in Albuquerque — I love that town and have many friends in that area. It is a beautiful time of year to be there — before the snow starts flying…

    See you next time around,

  86. Tracey Says:

    Hi Ray,

    Remember Russia 1989? I was in ‘the other band’ Zoo Q from Birmingham, England!!! Remember when we all went to Red Square? Wow, what an experience eh? Wonderful to see that you went on to do such great things in your career. Where have those years gone? Scarey!!!! I still have the spoons!!

    Tracey xx

  87. Harrison L. Says:

    I have recently become an avid fan of You and Celtic Woman. As a intermediate fellow percussionist, I am curious about your percussion setup and how you mounted the bass drum horizontally. I like the setup and would like to duplicate it. Would it be possible to get details on your percussion setup, drum sizes, make, are you using the Pearl Icon Curved drum rack? I love the sound of the Blasticks.

    Happy belated birthday,

  88. Twila Says:

    Hello Ray,
    I’ve enjoyed your drumming as a part of Celtic Woman and, now that I’ve stumbled into your website and found your other discography, I’m anxious to hear them as well.

    Your energy on stage is definitely not missed and is truly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  89. Stéphanie Says:


    Que la Lumière de ton Ame illumine le Monde…

    Stéphanie from Brittany

  90. Soraya Says:

    Hello Ray!

    I saw you in some videos of Celtic Woman and I really fall in love for you perfom. You’re the best drummer I ever saw. Congratulations!!

  91. Brenda Bryant Says:

    I have been fortunate to see you at many Celtic Woman concerts in the past 4 years. Looking forward to seeing you again in May 2011. I was fortunate enough to have my picture taken w/ you in Nashville, TN. in 2009. We would love the opportunity to meet you again someday. Your music is the best…. Hope to see you May 8th in Birmingham, We are on the front row as usual.

  92. Mike Brown Says:

    Hi Ray,

    We’ve never formally met but I am the administrator of Máiréad’s fan forum. I was part of the group that chatted with you at the Woodstock museum gift shop last summer. You’ve also no doubt seen me in the front row at many shows and I hope the girls have shared the Flakes with you and the other band members. Scott Manke informed me that he has been in contact with you about making a donation to the forum to raise money for Máiréad’s charity. I would like to thank you very much for that and I look forward to accepting it on behalf of the forum. If it can be arranged, a photo of the event would be lovely. Feel free to contact me, either directly or through Bubba, if you wish. Again, thank you very much.

  93. Silke Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I’m from Germany and a big fan of you and Celtic Woman. I hope I can join your concert in Munich on June 25th, 2011 (I hope I’ll get a ticket for the show as a birthday present (June, 28th). Stay as you are, you really fit in the show !!! Love seeing videos with you.

    Many heartly greetings from Germany from your fan

  94. dave Says:

    Just purchased the new Live Horslips CD. I was a bit apprehensive prior to hearing it - I mean it’s been 30 years and many of the guys were out of the business for decades. I grew up listening to this band as I’m sure you did too. That said, I am stunned by how polished the lads were and your contribution did not go unnoticed to this untrained ear. Kudos!


  95. Sara-Copiapó-Chile Says:

    Hola Ray
    Me encanta tu interpretación,siempre veo tus videos en las Celtic Woman.

  96. gerry mc caffrey Says:

    hi ray, back in 1967 i stayed in your house for a few months. i was not long married at the time and my wife was not with me in shannon. i had a wedding picture on my locker. you were about 5 or 6 at the time. i remember you coming down the stairs and saying to me “i saw a picture of you and your mother in your room”. i had a good laugh telling my wife. gerry

  97. Barb Beaver Says:

    Hi Ray, Just wanted to thank you for your generosity in spending some time with your fans after the DVD taping in Atlanta. You are such an integral part of the CW family. I always enjoy seeing you come on to the stage. Yes, I am part of the front row that always claps and cheers as you enter your drum set up. I also enjoyed singing happy birthday to you in Atlanta on Sept 6th. I hope you will continue with Celtic Woman for years to come.

    Thanks again,

  98. Marcel Lucas Says:

    You were very good again in Antwerp.
    Thanks for the great show.

    your link is now on my page

  99. paul quinn Says:

    howya ray?we will be in dublin for the winter.give us a shout when you are knockin’ about.
    pa ra pa pa pum!!!!

  100. Allyn Reynolds Says:

    Please come home to Providence Rhode Island US. I would like more than a half an hour to talk to you. I saw Believe Sunday night on PBS Television December 3, Beautiful. Last song made me cry. I am the blonde who sits in the front row in front of your riser in Providence Performing Arts Center every time you are here. Please come home to Providence Rhode Island. Best Wishes and a big hug, Allyn Reynolds.

  101. Stéphanie Says:




    Stéphanie from Brittany

  102. Stéphanie Says:



  103. Stéphanie Says:

    Hello Ray,

    Today, in France, it’s Ray’s Day!
    So have a nice day!

    Stay safe.

    Stéphanie from Brittany

  104. Sara Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I saw you live in Nashville, TN on Feb.4 2012. I am a huge fan of Celtic Woman group and you. I had watched the group on public television but last night was the first time I saw you live. Seeing the group live is on a whole different level. What a fantastic experience this was! The stage and lighting were just beautiful. The music was absolutely stunning. I loved seeing all of the musical instruments including those fantastic drums and rhythm instruments. What talented professionals you are!

  105. Madi Says:

    Hi Ray..saw your show in Orlando 2/17 and it was amazing.I wish you all would have done Dulaman..that is my all time favorite.

    Your a a wonderful talent and so admired..Thanks for a wonderful Orlando show.

    God Speed….Madi Thomas

  106. Cato Says:

    I have always been a huge fan of your work with Celtic Woman. And you are one of the biggest reasons for seeing the shows and for buying the CD’s and DVD’s. But I have to tell you, that the “BELIEVE” work, to me, is your FINEST WORK TO DATE! Some of the most amazing percussion work I have ever heard in my 57 years on this planet. In particular, on Lisa Lambe’s solo “A Spaceman Came A Travelin”…..Holy Crap on a Cracker man……POWERFUL!

  107. Carl Koch Says:


    I have been addicted to Celtic Woman for years. I was saddened when Orla decided to leave. She was superb. Of course Mairead is an imp and steals the show. The other night I was watching the newest PBS offering and I watched the others in the ensemble. It was then I realized that Celtic woman would not be the same if Ray Fean left. You provide an incredible backdrop of rhythm and feeling which sets the tone and character of all the numbers. You are unquestionably one of the key components of the show, not to mention one of the finest and most talented percussionists I have had the pleasure of listening to. Hopefully they will find a time when they can bring you out to demonstrate your talent as the featured performer. Continue to amaze the senses and stir the soul my friend. BRAVO.

  108. Stephanie Says:

    Have a blessed Easter, Ray.
    Spend a fabulous end of the tour.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Take care, Love.


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